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Broaden Horizons
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Louvre Private Tour: 
19th Century French Painting

This 19th-century French Painting tour is the last one of our Louvre French painting series. Actually, the tour should better be called “the first half of 19th century French Painting” as to have the second half of the 19th century (and the beginning of the 20th century) you will have to change of museum and follow our Musée d’Orsay private guided tour.

Photo of a landscape painting by Achille Etna Michallon, the master of Corot to illustrate the Le Louvre private tour 19th century french painting, Paris, France.

This is in the beginning of the 19th century that landscape took its independence from history painting. In 1817 was created the price of Landscape, Achille Etna Michallon, the master of Corot was the first laureate.

Louvre 19th century French Painting private tour in a Nutshell  

  1. Guided tour in English
  2. From 90 € for 1 to 2 people, 115 € for 3, etc.
  3. Really private 2-hour tour
  4. A group of maximum 6 people exclusively yours (your party only)
  5. Morning, lunchtime, afternoon & evening tours
  6. M.Phil.-level local licensed guide lecturer

What’s in the tour?



Salon de peinture


Barbizon School

Why to Follow a 19th Century French Painting in the Louvre?

Because the French 19th century is the key period of art evolution. A century starting wisely returning to art references with neoclassical and ending breaking all the rules with impressionism and then fauvism and cubism in the first years of the 20th century.

More practically we don’t go in this tour in Salle Mollien (Molien Gallery) where are the world famous huge paintings by Delacroix, Géricault or David as “La liberté guidant le peuple“, “the Raft of the Medusa” or “the coronation of Napoleon“, but we go to the much more quiet French Painting dedicated floor.  There we will peacefully admire smaller paintings by the same French masters. 

An opportunity to see and comment numerous oil sketches or oil studies (artworks made in preparation for a larger finished painting, also called modeli).  

Photo of odalisque by Ingres to illustrate the Louvre 19th century french painting private tour in Paris, France

There are few versions of odalisque by Ingres. Watching this master pieces one question comes : Was Ingres really academic?

Content of the Tour


  • Neoclassicism
  • Romanticism
  • Saint-Sulpicien
  • Academicism
  • Beginning of the Barbizon School

Le Salon de Peinture

  • What it was
  • How to be admitted
  • Where was it organized
  • The price of Rome


  •  First Empire painters: Jacques-Louis-David, Antoine-Jean Gros, François Gérard.
  • Théodore Géricault and the horses
  • Eugène Delacroix, the color
  • Ingres, the drawing
  • Ary Scheffer romantic painter and drawing teacher to the children of  the last king of the French Louis-Philippe I
  • The death of Achille Etna Michallon the young Master of Corot
  • Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
  • Théodore Rousseau 

Oil Sketches and Studies

  • Oil studies for “the Raft of the Medusa” by Géricault, the bridge between Neoclassical and Romanticism
  • Oil studies for “the Death of Sardanapale” by Delacroix 

Technical Considerations

How non-controled innovations in color pigment badly impacted some paintings.

And lots more

Don’t miss the opportunity to follow our Le louvre 19th century French Painting Private Tour

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This 17th-century French painting tour is  part of a series of  four Le Louvre French painting tours covering the subject from middle Age to  the first half of 19th century. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to follow the full cycle. Knowing that our Musée d’Orsay Private tour covering the period from 1850 to 1914 is somehow the fifth part of the cycle.   

Full Series of Le Louvre French Paintings Private Tour

Things to know before Booking

Your Private Licensed Guide in Paris

  • Certified French national guide
  • BA, Magna Cum Laude, Heritage Developpement & Preservation from Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers
  • Postgraduate from Paris-Dauphine University
  • Member of Paris Historique Association

Le Louvre 19th-Century French Painting Highlights

  • Really private 2-hour tour for you and your party only.
  • A comprehensive introduction to 19th-century French painting
  • The opportunity to ask your dedicated guide any related questions.

Meeting Point

Inside the museum 

Access: Line 1 station Palais Royal


Le Louvre 19th-Century French Painting Private Tour Attention Points

  • Tour is on foot
  • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks or any other extra services
  • Museum tickets: are not included in the price – meeting point is inside the Museum 
  • Tour duration & content are purely indicative, they may vary due to contingencies
  • Private tour  means a tour for you & your party only, not that the museum is privatized

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Choose below your tour

You will then be  asked : 

  • choose number of people, date & hour of visit
  • after our validation
  • pay on line
Portrait of Théodore Géricault in 1824 to illustrate the Louvre 19th century French Painting Private Tour in Paris, France

The louvre private tour French painting 19th century. Portrait of Théodore Géricault in 1824.

The Louvre, Paris, France

Le Louvre northern entry