Orléans Day Trip from Paris – Orléans Private Tour

Spend the day in Orléans with your own private guide who will specifically wait for you in the morning in the Orléans train station. You arrive from Paris by morning train and leave by an evening one. Orléans the capital of the Centre-Val de Loire region is also the closest point of the Loire Valley to Paris at only 115 km and approximately one hour by regional train. Come for a mini city break in Orléans and discover a key city in French history that just had its historical center brilliantly renovated. A must to visit.

Photo of a sculpture representing Joan of Arc by the princess Marie d'Orléans to illustrate the Orléans full day tour from Paris.

Visit Orléans: Joan of Arc sculpture by Royal Princess Marie d’Orléans – just behind on the left is a Renaissance’s caryatide © Broaden Horizons.

Full day private walking tour in Orléans Loire Valley

  1. +/- 7 to 8-hour walking tour in English
  2. Distance covered: usually +/- 5.5 km (without museum galleries)  
  3. From 220 € for 1 to 2 people, 250 € for 3, etc.
  4. Really private tour (your party only 6 people max.)
  5. Not available on Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays 
  6. Postgraduate (MPhil) certified French national guide

Exclusions: Train tickets (+/- 40 € per Paris-Orléans round trip ticket); Fine Art Museum (6 € per ticket); food; drinks. Tour includes guiding services only.

Organization: tour starts in the morning at Orléans central train station and ends +/- 7 to 8 hours later to the same train station or close to it.


What is the tour about?


Loire Valley

Joan of Arc





Hôtel Groslot Mansion

Cathedral Sainte-Croix

Loire River Banks

Timber houses

Orléans Fine Arts Museum

Belle époque République Street

Campo Santo

18th-century Royal Street

Neoclassic Jeanne d’Arc Street

Art Deco District

Why Visit Orléans

Orléans, France is a famous city that is key in French history. A lot of places in the world have been named after it, first and foremost New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA.

Orléans being the closest Loire Valley point from Paris (+/- 115 km) it is an ideal destination to have a first insight of the atmosphere of this famous French region.  

Its architectural diversity, its exceptional cathedral and Renaissance heritage, its Loire banks, and the nature very present all around make of Orléans, the city of Joan of Arc, an ideal weekend or city-break destination.

Orléans’ s rich heritage is officially recognized. The city is:

  • part of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Loire Valley ;
  • classified as « ville d’art et d’histoire » (VAH city of art and history heritage label).

Orléans also owns one of the French most reputed museums of fine arts.

What ‘s in the tour?

The tour is before all a city walk in the historical center of Orléans to discover its rich history and architecture. Orléans is first known for its impressive Renaissance heritage but has also a lot to show about the Middle Ages, French Baroque, Neoclassical, Belle-époque, etc.

Joan of Arc to whom Orléans has a special devotion (the battle she won there in 1429 was a turning point in European history) and the Loire river banks are also important milestones of the tour.

The tour normally includes a visit to the cathedral and the hôtel Groslot (Renaissance).

It is also advised to keep time for the Museum of Fine Arts (Correge, Carache, Velazques, Van Dyck, Le Nain Brothers, Rigault, de la Tour, Chardin, Corot, Gaugin, etc.).

A one-hour lunch break is planned at midday (no lunch cost neither organization included)

The equilibrium between all these elements being function of your wishes (tell your guide at the beginning of the tour) and of the weather the day of the tour as of any other contingencies we may have to deal with.


Your Private Tour Guide in Orléans

Certified French national guide.
Centre-Loire Valley Region accreditation (VAH).
BA, Magna cum laude, Heritage Developpement & Preservation at Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers.
Postgraduate (MPhil) from Paris Dauphine-PSL University.

Example of a typical “full day” tour in Orléans

The program presented below with theoretical schedule is noncontractual and for product comprehension only. As written before our guide will do its best to adjust the tour to your wishes but practically the tour may be impacted by a multitude of contingencies in function of which it will have to be adapted. The train schedule given there is an example from November 2021. See the booking section for updated exact train schedules.

9.32AM - Arriving of the 8.25AM train from Paris-Austerlitz
9.32AM - Arriving of the 8.25AM train from Paris-Austerlitz

Beginning of the tour

9.45AM - 10H15AM early walk (+/- 0.7 km)
Belle Epoque Building with its two Art Nouveau caryatides in République street, Orléans, Loire Valley, France.
9.45AM - 10H15AM early walk (+/- 0.7 km)

Belle époque at République Street

Art nouveau, Nancy School, Beaux Art style etc. + WWII reconstruction : Modernismo.

Joan of Arc Statue in place du Martroi, the main square of Orléans in the Loire Valley, France - to illustrate the Orléans day trip from Paris tour

Place du Martroi

Where is the famous Orléans Joan of Arc Statue

10.30AM-10.45AM (+/- 0.5 km)
Pavillon d'Escures, built in early 1600s by a friend of king Heny IV of France - Orléans, Loire Valley France
10.30AM-10.45AM (+/- 0.5 km)

D'Escures 17e century Mansions

Hôtel Groslot famous bricks and stones Renaissance buildings in Orléans, Loire Valley, France.

Hôtel Groslot Renaissance Mansion

This is where died king Francis II of France

11.15AM-12.15PM (+/- 0.8 km)
Sainte-Croix cathedral photo to illustrate the Orleans day trip from Paris, France
11.15AM-12.15PM (+/- 0.8 km)

Cathedral Sainte-Croix

The huge gothic cathedral is exceptional for multiple reasons

12.15PM-12.45PM (+/- 0.6 km)
Timbered house from around 1466 in Orléans Loire Valley, France.
12.15PM-12.45PM (+/- 0.6 km)

City oldest part - Timbered houses

Oldest timbered house is from 1392

Place de Loire alongside the Loire river, a good place to have a Lunch break

Lunch Break close to River Loire Bank

13.45PM-14.45PM (+/- 1.7 km)
18th century Neoclassic rue royale in Orléans widly rebuilt after WWWII
13.45PM-14.45PM (+/- 1.7 km)

18e & 19e century neoclassical city

Rue Royal & rue Jeanne d’Arc + more Renaissance and half-timbered houses

Photo oil painting by the frères Le Nain in the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts.

Orléans Museum of fine Arts

One of the most important in France outside of Paris

16.45PM-17.45PM (+/-1.1 km)
16.45PM-17.45PM (+/-1.1 km)

Lot to see on the way back

More Renaissance, Neoclassic, Belle époque & Art déco.

17.45PM back to the train station
17.45PM back to the train station

End of the tour

18.25PM train departure for Paris – arrival in Paris-Austerlitz at 19.23PM

Things to know before Booking

Meeting Point

Orléans Central station at the arrival of your train from Paris. 

Access: Departure of your train from Paris-Austerlitz train Station


Attention Points

  • Tour is on foot.
  • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks, museum tickets or any other extra services.
  • Museum tickets: To be purchased on site (6 € per ticket).
  • Tour duration & content are purely indicative, they may vary due to contingencies.
  • Entrance in churches is never warranted, neither in any museum or monument

Book Your Orléans “Full Day” Tour

The tour is design to work, with the two next trains. For sure for you can decide to take a later train for the way back if you wish. The time schedule of the trains below is an example as the schedule is not exactly the same every day (they are few minutes variations between them from one day to another).  

  • Morning train:  Paris-Austerlitz to Orléans TER n°14037 – Typical schedule: departure 8.26AM arrival 9.32AM.
  • Evening train: Orléans to Paris-Austerlitz TER n°14072 – Typical schedule: departure 18.24PM arrival 19.23PM  

So if you want this tour, check first in our calendar (BOOKING NOW button) if there is an open slot for the day you want. If yes, then go to the train company OUI SNCF web site and check if corresponding trains are available. If yes, then request your tour via the “BOOKING NOW” Button and then follow the easy 4 steps booking process below.     

(1) Receive our OK email (free reservation valid 48 hours)

(2) Buy your train tickets on line (compatible schedule)

(3) Once you have your ticket pay your tour on line

(4) Receive our
confirmation (email)

Nota bene – Warning: Step (1) answer may sometimes be no! So never buy your train tickets before receiving our step (1)  confirmation. Step (1) free reservation is lost if no step (3) payment is received after 48h. 

Traditional boats on the Loire River during the Loire Festival each 2 years in september

Visit Orléans: Traditional boats on the Loire River during the Loire Festival each 2 years in September © Broaden Horizons.

Hôtel des créneaux photo to illustrate the Orleans walking tour in the Loire valley

Visit Orléans: hôtel des Créneaux this former Orléans city hall is an emblematic monument of the transition between the Gothic and Renaissance periods. © Broaden Horizons.

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