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Image of el award Travellers’ Choice given to the better attractions on Tripadvisor.
Broaden Horizons
Image of el award Travellers’ Choice given to the better attractions on Tripadvisor.
Broaden Horizons
Image of el award Travellers’ Choice given to the better attractions on Tripadvisor.

17th-Century French Painting in the Louvre Museum

A 17th-century French painting Louvre private guided tour to understand why the period between Renaissance and the Century of Light is such a primordial milestone in French painting. A key moment in arts where begun French Classicism and Academicism. To be discovered with our licensed guide. 

Photo of the rapt of the Sabine painting by Nicolas Poussin to illustrate the Le Louvre 17th century french painting private tour, Paris, France.

The rapt of the Sabine by Nicolas Poussin, Leader of 17th century classism. There are two versions of this painting, this one is the one of the MET, we will compare it during the tour with the one of the Louvre and you will see how deeply Poussin was working his painting.

Louvre 17th century French Painting private tour in a Nutshell  

  1. Guided tour in English
  2. From 90 € for 1 to 2 people, 115 € for 3 etc.
  3. Really private 2-hour tour
  4. A group of maximum 6 people exclusively yours (your party only)
  5. Morning, lunchtime, afternoon & evening tours
  6.  Postgraduate certified French national guide

What’s in the tour?

Royal Academy

Baroque versus Classisicm

Drawing Versus Color

Canevas Hidden Meanings

Parisian Attisism

Some of the master pieces normaly included in the tour route: Still life with Water Wafers (by Lubin Baugin), Et In Arcadia Ego (by Nicolas Poussin), The Magdalen with the smoking flame (By Georges de la Tour), The Disembarkation of Cleopatra at Tarsus (by Claude), Peasant Family in an Interior (by le Nain Brothers)

Why a Louvre French Painting Tour?

Because if the Louvre is world famous to house the Mona Lisa it is also the biggest Museum in the world owning very logically a huge collection of French Paintings. So the Louvre is obviously the best place to learn about French Paintings

More, as French paintings rooms are not part of the Louvre classical touristic route, you will also probably discover and appreciate a more quiet and not so crowed Louvre Museum. 

Why the 17th Century French Painting?

Because the French call the 17th century “Le Grand Siècle” (the great century) it is there century, the one of Louis XIV, the Sun-king.

A period in which France was politically, militarily and economically the dominant power in Europe, and in which its influence on art also grows considerably.

At mid 17th century was created the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture,  which had a considerable influence on French Art (and, moreover, in arts worldwild). 

Don’t miss the opportunity to follow our Le louvre 17th century French painting private TOUR 
To discover this strategic period in arts!

Organization of the Tour

The tour is organized to develop two parallel approaches: 

  • art notions and history,
  • painters,

following (as much as possible) a chronological coherency. 

Art Notions and History


  • Classicism
  • Parisian Atticism
  • Baroque 


  • History painting
  • Portrait
  • Genre painting
  • Landscape
  • Still life

Arguing About what is Painting 

  • Poussin versus Rubens
  • Drawing versus color 

Louvre Iconic 17th-Century French Painters 

Nicolas Poussin

The leader and founder of the French Classcism (French Classical Baroque style).  His Grand Style (Grand Maner) will have a considerable influence on the 17th century French painting, as later on, on the 18th century English School  of Painting.  

Simon Vouet

The leader of the French Baroque . 

Georges de La Tour

Strongly influenced by Caravaggio, de La Tour painted some of the most prominent Chiaroscuro masterpieces.

Lubin Beaugin

Rediscovered like Georges de la Tour by the 1934 exibition “painter of the reality”, Beaugin had a peculiar carrer and is difficult to classified. One of its four known still lifes is considered to be the ultimate one of the French 17th century.

Claude Lorrain (Claude)

Borned Claude Gellée, he was a light and landscape genius. Claude notably inflenced Turner and was considered by John Constable as “the most perfect landscapist the world ever saw“,

Le Nain Brothers

Famous for their genre painting describing daily life of humble people (bambochades).

Pierre Mignard

Was the great rival of Charles Le Brun. When Le Brun died in 1690 he was remplaced by Mignard as Louis XIV first painter and head of the Royal Academy.


The Founders of the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture 

  • Charles Le Brun
  • Philippe de Champaigne
  • Laurent de la Hyre
  • Sébastien Bourdon 
  • Louis Boullogne 
  • Eustache Le Sueur etc.

Other Louvre French Paintings Private Tours

This 17th-century French painting tour is  part of a series of four “Le Louvre French Painting Tourscovering the subjet from middle Age to  the first half of 19th century. So do not hesitate to contact us if you want to follow the full cycle. Knowing that our Musée d’Orsay tour covering the period from 1850 to 1914 is somehow the fifth part of the cycle.   

Series of The Louvre French Painting Private Tour

Things to know before Booking

Your Private Licensed Guide in Paris

  • Certified French national guide
  • BA, Magna Cum Laude, Heritage Developpement & Preservation from Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers
  • Postgraduate from Paris-Dauphine University
  • Member of Paris Historique Association

Louvre 17th-Century French Painting Highlights

  • Really private 2-hour tour for you and your party only.
  • A comprehensive introduction to 17th-century French painting
  • The opportunity to ask your dedicated guide any related questions.

Meeting Point

Inside the museum 

Access: Line 1 station Palais Royal


Louvre 17th-Century French Painting Private Tour Attention Points

  • Tour is on foot
  • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks or any other extra services
  • Museum tickets: are not included in the price – meeting point is inside the Museum 
  • Tour duration & content are purely indicative, they may vary due to contingencies
  • Private tour  means a tour for you & your party only, not that the museum is privatized

BoOk your Louvre Private Tour

Choose below your tour: You will then be  asked : -> choose the number of people, date & hours of visit -> after our validation-> pay on line.

Choose below your tour

You will then be  asked : 

  • choose number of people, date & hour of visit
  • after our validation
  • pay on line
Photo of the Magdalen with the smoking flame painting By Georges de la Tour to illustrate 17th century private tour in Paris

The Magdalen with the smoking flame By Georges de la Tour the french master of chiaroscuro. There are many versions of this painting this one from the LACMA is the closest to the Louvre one.

Sculpture photo of the facade of the Louvre Museum to illustrate the Louvre private tour in Paris

Le Louvre northern entry