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5 star ratingNapoleon Tour in Paris We did the three-hour Napoleon walking tour in Paris and had a wonderful time with Yves who is a very knowledgable and humorous guide. He showed us a lot of great places that we wouldn‘t have discovered without him. We‘ll book another tour when we come back to Paris 🙂
Tanja Avatar
5 star ratingAn exceptional tour guide Yves was outstanding. He provided a thoughtful, entertaining, and very educational tour of the Louvre's greatest hits. He was prompt, engaging, and even managed to keep the attention of our both of our sons (youngest age 12) throughout the tour. We will definitely tour with him again when we are in Paris again. I highly recommend him.
Andrew L Avatar
Andrew L
5 star ratingTour Excellence A highlight tour for us - educational and engaging. Yves is a teacher at heart and provides an insightful look at the history, architecture, and art of Orleans, aided by visuals, storytelling, and his obvious passion for the topics at hand. There is so much to learn about Orleans beyond Joan of Arc and Yves made the city come alive for us through a tour that accommodated our specific interests and questions. We highly recommend his services. With gratitude.
Michael G Avatar
Michael G
5 star ratingSo much more than a Joan of Arc tour Yves was an amazing tour guide. His grasp of all aspects of Orlean's history and architecture was impressive. He conveyed the drama of Joan of Arc, as she rode into the city, where she most likely prayed. The house she stayed at for her 10 day here.....As an added bonus, we visited the room where Mary, Queen of Scotts, lost her husband. We touched on bits of WWII damage to the city. I highly recommend Yves as a tour guide.
conniecloud Avatar
5 star ratingIn depth and extensive. Yves' energy and enthusiasm for ancient history and the arts is infectious. We were jet-lagged and this was our first outing in Paris but he swept us along and had us enthralled. For the rest of our time in Paris we were pointing out things that he had highlighted about the evolution of sculpture and techniques. There is so much to see at the Louvre and we chose the alternative tour as our son has an interest in ancient history. It was wonderful to explore the lesser known salons and be guided to the highlights and have details explained to us that we would easily have missed. Even more generously, Yves gave us extra time to show us some of the better-known works. A wonderful tour, highly recommend.
Simone M Avatar
Simone M
5 star ratingBest and Most Memorable Tour of my Five Weeks in France Our guided tour by Yves was fantastic! Although I spent five weeks in France and went on numerous tours in Paris, Bayeux, Mont Saint Michel, Tours, Amboise, Lyon and Sancerre, the tour that Yves gave us was the most memorable and very best of all the tours I had during that time. He gave me and my two adult daughter a guided tour of the city of Orleans. Yves is so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful that our tour was wonderful. Yves pointed out details that very few people would even know about. Instead of just pointing things out, he gently quizzed us, further piquing our interest in what we were seeing. We went through the cathedral where he explained the symbolism of the architectural details. Yves' English is perfect, making everything easy to understand.
Debra R Avatar
Debra R
5 star ratingLouvre, daytime tour The tour and Yves was really a wonderful experience. Made the crowded Louvre a pleasure and taught us a great deal about history and the art within. We had a mix of ages from 6 to 75 years, thus many different needs. Yves accommodated and supported the whole group while keeping his personable and educational approach. I wish we had known of Yves earlier in our trip, we would have used him in other areas of France. We will definitely rebook and recommend Yves highly for others.
Jeanna C Avatar
Jeanna C
5 star ratingGreat Experience! Our group had an absolute blast – it's not every day you find yourself laughing and learning at the same time. Yves has this fantastic ability to make history feel like a lively chat among friends. I left the tour not just with a head full of facts but also with the feeling that I had just spent a day out with a group of old pals. For anyone even slightly intrigued by Napoleon, or just looking for a fun, informative day out, I can't recommend Yves' tour enough. It’s history, but with a hearty dose of humor and charm!
Maaz H Avatar
Maaz H
5 star ratingExcellent walking tour of Orleans Yves is a great guide. He is very knowledgeable and funny. The tour was an excellent combination of history of Orleans and Joan of Arc. His english was excellent and I highly recommend him.
TravelsforBiznPleas Avatar