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5 star ratingFun at the Louvre If you really want to enjoy an art museum and do a deep dive into art history you must take a tour at the Louvre with Yves. I don’t remember a tour that was so much fun and informative.
Gigi Avatar
5 star ratingThe highlight of our trip!! This was the best investment and hands down the highlight of our trip!! We booked a tour of the Louvre with Yves. The Louvre is huge and there is so much to see. In two hours, Yves managed to show us an incredible amount. He is deeply knowledgeable about art history, and it was amazingly helpful to have him contextualize what we were seeing for us. We are already planning to book with him again the next time we are in Paris. Don’t hesitate—this is an experience that is worth every penny!!
Meg T Avatar
Meg T
5 star ratingAmazing tour! What an amazing tour !My boyfriend and me went on the 3 hours Napoleon tour in Paris. It was a present I gave my boyfriend for christmas since he's a big Napoleon fan. But it turned out it was so much more than "just" a Napoleon tour - our guide showed us so many hidden gems and told us so many interesting stories about the city that history really came alive and you walked through the streets with a completely different view! I was a bit concered beforehand that I wouldn't know enough about Napoleon for the tour and also that my boyfriend might would know already everything - but we both got surprised and had such a good time! A big recommendation for everybody who comes to Paris! A must!
Sarah T Avatar
Sarah T
5 star ratingPrivate tour of Orléans geared to my time and interests. Yves was an informative and friendly guide. Since I was in the area on business, I wanted to make my spare time meaningful. Had I just walked around myself, I would have never noticed the historic buildings that Yves was able to point out and tell me of their architecture. In the old City Hall and Cathedral we discussed Jean of Arc, Kings and Queens of France and how it relates to French and world history. Even the land where the parking garage that I used was built upon had a historic significance. The tour turned my spare time into a learning experience and an appreciation of the city that I would have otherwise missed out on.
Bob F Avatar
Bob F
5 star ratingWonderful Amazing time spent with Yves. He makes it very interesting to understand the city of Orléans, and keeps his audience involved through interesting historical facts, asking questions to make the audience contribute to a great learning experience.Highly recommend.
Nicholas Z Avatar
Nicholas Z
5 star ratingLarge Group Day Tour Yves was incredibly knowledgeable and his passion for the city and its history was contagious. Our whole group was so happy to learn and he always had an extra story for any of our numerous questions. No trip to Orléans is complete without a tour from Yves!
Brian P Avatar
Brian P
5 star ratingOrléans walking tour Yves was such a joy to spend our afternoon in Orléans with! His passion and pure joy for sharing his knowledge of the city, its history and the stories behind the sights that we visited made for an incredible experience. He contextualizes the history of the region in within the age of what was also occurring globally. My group all benefited and learned so much from his tour, and we had an amazing day together. One of the best walking tours ever, appropriately timed and curated for the group!
Alexandra S Avatar
Alexandra S
5 star ratingGreat private walking tour of Orléans Yves was a fantastic tour guide, full of passion for Orléans, it’s architecture and history and delivered with humour and enthusiasm. He was able to gauge our level of knowledge of French history and pitch his presentation to that. He didn’t just tell us information but challenged us to come up with answers ourselves. One of the best walking tours I have ever done. Thanks Yves.
Ian F Avatar
Ian F
5 star ratingParis historical tour Fascinating, educational and fun tour in Paris. Private guide who was passionate and knowledgeable and tailored the tour specifically for me.
suzmiller1 Avatar