Two cases:

(1) Predesigned Private Tours
(2) Time Based Guide Availability & Services (Custom tour, guide for a day, B2B, etc.).

Any questions? Feel free to contact us, but please look at our Book a Tour and FAQs pages first. 

1. Predesigned Private Tours (Your Party Only 1 to 6 or 10 People)

These tours are more affordable than the usual market prices for private tours, but they do not offer any flexibility in terms of organization. They have to be booked via a fully integrated online process and have an imposed departure point as a predefined route and duration. These tours are mainly accessible in Paris and Orléans.


Predesigned Private Tours prices are indicated on each corresponding tour page.

Prices example:

Inclusions / Exclusions

As all the other tours at broaden-horizons.fr these tours do not include any entry tickets (museums, etc), or extras; they are walking tours and never include any transportation.

Cancellation Terms

There are common to both tour types. see the dedicated section Cancellation Policy.

2. Time Based Guide Availability & Services: Groups till 25 people, Custom Tours, Guide for a Day or Half a Day, Professionals, B2B.


Duration (hours) Rate (€) Paris Rate (€) Orléans Rate (€) Rest of France
Till 2.5 From 250 From 200 From 250
Till 4 From 350 From 300 From 350
Till 8 From 450 From 400 From 450


These rates are the minimum rates given for information purposes only and may vary depending on the number of people, the type of audience, and the exact duration of the tour. In case of specific requests (custom tour, bespoke tour, corporate, etc.), time of preparation may be added to the tour price.

Inclusion / Exclusion

These rates are only for the availability of a state-licensed tour guide and the corresponding guiding services. These rates do not include any extras, entry tickets (museum, etc.), or transport services; we do not provide any.

In the case of tours outside of Paris or Orléans (rest of France), all the costs will run from Orléans or Paris city center (depending on the case). We do not take care of any logistics (transport, hotel, restaurant, etc.) which have to be assumed, organized, and paid by the customer.

Groups of more than 25 people

. We consider that it is difficult to give good quality services to a group of more than 25 people. This is why we do not do tours for groups of more than 25 people. Nevertheless, we sometimes make exceptions when the customer provides an audio guide system.

Cancellation Terms

There are common to both tour types. see the dedicated section Cancellation Policy .

3. Cancellation Policy

Weather conditions. Tours start and run rain or shine. Nevertheless, in case of extremely bad weather conditions Broaden Horizons may decide to cancel a tour.
Cancellation by the customer. Sorry, but we have a no-refund policy. Once booked a tour is not refundable.
Cancellation by Broaden Horizons. Broaden Horizons commits to be present where and when specified on the booking confirmation. In case of force majeure or exceptional events, not allowing us to ensure the service (extremely bad weather conditions, strike, absence of the guide, closure of the monument to visit), broaden Horizons may decide to cancel the tour, in this case the customer will have the choice between postponing the tour (if compatible with his planning and the one of Broaden Horizons) or being fully refunded.