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How to Book a Tour – 2 Cases

(1) By Full Online Process for the Predesigned Private Tours (6 people max.)
(2) By Contacting us in the Other Cases (custom tour, guide for a day, B2B, etc.).

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us, but please first look at our Price & Conditions and FAQs pages. 

1. Full Online Booking – Predesigned Private Tour (Your Party Only 1 to 6 People)

These tours have an imposed departure point as a predefined route and duration. Their calendars show our potential availability. The tour requests are subject to our validation. To request and book a tour, just follow the next easy integrated 3 steps online process on the tour page you want.

(STEP-1) On the tour page click on “Book Now”. Then enter your tour request. We shortly (normally within 24h) answer you YES or No.

(STEP-2) If YES (usual case), you receive a 24h valid payment link (usual case, less for last-minute, more for overseas, etc.). If you don’t pay on time, you return to STEP-1.

(STEP-3) Pay online with a credit card. Then receive a confirmation email: meeting point (usually map & photo) + your guide contact data.

Warning Online Museum Tickets With Time Slot (Louvre & Orsay)

  • Museum tickets are not included in our tours.
  • In Orsay and the Louvre you have to purchase tickets with an entry time slot (and day) compatible with the starting time of the tour.

So this is easy to deal with but needs precision.

  • Before sending your tour request (STEP-1 of the booking process) check if there are Louvre/Orsay tickets available for the day/hour you want for your tour.
  • Once we have accepted your tour request (STEP-2) – THEN AND ONLY THEN – purchase your museum tickets for the corresponding day & time slot.
  •  WHEN you have your corresponding museum tickets, AND ONLY WHEN you have them (including free entry ones), pay your Broaden Horizons tour (STEP-3).

2. Other cases: Groups of More Than 6 People, Custom Tours, Guide for a Day or Half a Day, Professionals, BtoB.

In this case, contact us explaining in a few words what you expect and when.