Rodin Museum Garden – The Garden of a Prestigious 18th Century Mansion

by | May 28, 2024 | Blog Paris and France, Green Paris

Rodin Museum Garden – The Garden of a Prestigious 18th Century Mansion

by | May 28, 2024 | Blog Paris and France, Green Paris

Visiting the Rodin Museum Garden, one of the most charming in Paris. If you go to Musée Rodin in spring or summer, planning some time to stroll its magnificent garden is a great idea. You can even eat there as there is a cafeteria in the garden.

The Garden of a Prestigious 18th Mansion

Following the wishes of Rodin, the famous French Sculptor, the Rodin Museum (Musée Rodin) is installed in the hôtel Biron, a prestigious 18th-century private mansion, which was the artist’s residence in Paris during the last years of his life.

The most prestigious 18th-century private mansions (in French: “hôtel particuliers“) in Paris are situated on the right bank, mainly around Place de la Concorde, and on the left bank, west of the Saint-Germain district.


Rodin Museum Tour: Photo of Hotel Biron Rodin Museum 18th century mansion. Rear view from the park

Commissioned by the closest relatives of the Royal Family before the French Revolution, many of them passed to Bonaparte after the French Revolution. Then, after Waterloo, things changed again. Now, most of these buildings belong to France (to the French governement).

For example, the Palais de l’Elysée, the former residence of Marechal Murat (King of Napoli, Stepbrother of Napoleon), is now the residence of the President of France.

The hôtel Biron which houses the Rodin Museum also has a prestigious past, It was once the residency of Duchesse du Maine, the wife of Duck du Maine, prefered bastard soon of Louis XIV the Sun-King. During the Napoleonic era it became the residency of the Papal legate, later on it became the residency of the ambasador of Russia in France.

The hôtel Biron is surrounded by many other prestigious mansions housing numerous French ministries, one of which is the hôtel Matignon, the residence of the French Prime Minister.

When you visit the Musée Rodin, you also have the privilege of acceding to the garden of one of the most prestigious mansions in Paris.

A Brief Description of Rodin Museum Garden

The Garden, which surrounds the Hotel Biron, nearly reaches 3 hectares.

It was redesigned in 1993 by landscape designer Jacques Sgard to recapture the appearance of an 18th-century formal French garden. Indeed, the garden of Hotel Biron was very famous in the 18th Century. When the future Emperor of Russia Paul I was traveling to Paris Incognito in 1782, he called the garden “one of the wonders of Paris, with admirable flowers and variety of borders.”

Jacques Sgard also makes the garden an open-air gallery to display the works of Rodin.

Rodin Museum Tour: Photo of Hotel Biron Rodin Museum 18th-century mansion. Rear view from the park with red flower in the foreground.

What Makes the Rodin Museum so interesting

Within the garden of 28,000 square meters are 2,000 rose bushes of 100 varieties, situated in front and alongside the Hotel Biron.

In April/May, the Rodin Museum Garden is a little paradise for rose lovers.

If strolling around among roses, irises, and paeonies is something you like, the Rodin Museum Garden is made for you.

Furthermore, you will enjoy amazing views of the Dome of the Invalides and the Eiffel Towers, which are nearby.

Rose bushes with topiaries in the background - Rodin Museum - Paris - France

Rose bushes with topiaries in the background.

Photo of the pond of the Rodin Museum with the Dome of the Invalides in the background.

In the rear part of the garden, which is, from far, much bigger than the front part, you will find a nice lawn framed by lanes bordered by trees, which gives the garden a very French formal aspect.

The garden ends with an ornamental pool with an amazing view of the Hotel Biron.


Amazing view of the Hotel Biron and Rodin Museum Garden’s main lawn from behind the pond.

Behind the pond and the thickly ivy-covered trellis is a small (relatively) lawn area with a few wooden lounge chairs. It’s a lovely spot for a little quiet time.

There is also a sandbox where children can play.

On the west side of the garden, under the shade of Linden trees, is a cafeteria called L’Augustine with indoor and outdoor seating areas and an offer of Maison Lenôtre Pastries. When the weather is adequate, you can get ice cream there.

Last but not least, you can admire many of Rodin’s works, which are on display in the garden.

Photo of the back part of Rodin Museum Garden with blue flowers in the foreground.

Which Rodin Works are on Display in the Garden of the Museum

In the Front Part of the Garden

  • The Thinker (Le Penseur)
  • Monument to The Burghers of Calais (Monument aux Bourgeois de Calais),
  • Balzac,
  • The Gates of Hell (La Porte de l’Enfer)
  • Adam and Eve (Adam et Eve)
  • The Three Shades (Les trois ombres)
  • Etc.

In the Back Part of the Garden

  • Monument to Victor Hugo (Palais Royal)
  • Ugolino and His Sons
  • Etc.

If you want to know more about the Rodin Works and life see our Rodin Museum Private Tour.

What are the disadvantages of the Rodin Museum Garden

Well basically there are three which work together.

  • You need a Rodin Museum ticket to enter the Rodin Museum garden.
  • Most of the people have to pay for their ticket.
  • Because of the security controls you may line to enter the museum area (and then the garden).


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