Broaden horizons Orléans Loire Valley

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    Broaden horizons Orléans Loire Valley

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    Orléans tourism, Loire Valley, France
    City tours for corporate & professionals 

    You are a professional: tour operator, museum, company etc., can provide you great Orléans themes of visit, from generic Orléans city tours to dedicated Medieval, Joan of Arc, Renaissance, Sainte-Croix Cathedral or Loire River banks tours. We can also organized an Orléans Museum of Fine-Arts Guided Tour, a must seen of the city.  

    We can adapt our offer to your specific needs or even create a special tour for you on demand as for example if your need a guide for a temporary exibit you organize or if you are organizing an incentive corporate even. We are quality oriented and all our sightseeing tours are prepared and led by a licensed guide.

    Orléans city tour – Hôtel Groslot garden ©

    Our Orléans city tours  WITH LICENSED GUIDE: The best way to experience orléans tourism

    This page is for professionals

    If you just want an Orléans city tour click on the gold button to see our public guided tour offer

    Guided tours services in Orléans for professionals : museums, companies, scholars, corporate, MICE, DMC

    Specific needs or just need a qualified tourist guide

    Let’s work together

    If you are a professional interested in Orléans tourism and want to market some of our products, or have some specific needs, we can adapt to fit your requirement, prepare tailor-made tour for you. If you are :

    • A museum
    • A school
    • A Destination Management Company
    • A tour operator
    • A Tourist Office
    • A company

    Contact us and we will study your request. Free Quotations.

    Orléans guided tour for school

    A visit on a particular educational theme within the scope of your teaching ?

    Companies, corporate, MICE, DMC - Orléans guided tour services

    We can adapt to fit your specific requirements: team building… contact us and let’s speak about your project.

    Destination management companies market orléans guided tours

    You are a sales channel and wish to market some of our products? Lets work together !

    You organize a temporary exhibition - an Orléans city tour

    You organize a temporary exhibition and you need a guide to create a visit or simply do the talking? So contact us !

    OTHer needs, Occasional interventions

    Let’s speak about it.
    Broaden Horizons – city tour Orléans Loire Valley

    Our products

    Guided tour of Orléans and its monuments and museums by a state graduate certified guide lecturer (guide-conférencier) approved by the Ministries of Culture and Tourism. Services available in French, English and Spanish.

    Orléans city tour

    Standard Orléans city tour: non specialized guided tour of the city with various possible durations from 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours. Thematic visits can also be considered.

    Joan of Arc

    The Orléans city tour dedicated to Joan of Arc is a 1 hour 30 minutes walking tour dedicated to the places of the saga, the Middle Ages vestiges and iconography of the Maid of Orléans.

    Saint-Croix Cathedral

    Guided tour of the Orléans Cathedral, 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minutes to know about the surrounding of the cathedral , its history, its external and internal aspect.

    Museum of Fine Arts

    Guided tour of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts visit: different duration of visit possible from 1 to 2 hours; possibility of non specialized visit or thematic ones; temporary exhibitions.

    Museum of History and Archeology

    Guided tour of the Orléans museum of History and Archeology in 1 hour; the Gallo and Gallo-Roman bronzes of the famous Neuvy en Sullias treasure  in 1 hour or 1 hour and 30 minutes; the temporary exhibitions.

    Tailor-made tour

    We study all your requests  and will do our best to fit your requirement in terms of content, schedule or even administratively. Quality oriented services .

    Full day services

    We can also provide you full day services. Typically we can combine our 3 hours Orléans city tour with a guided visit of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts.

    Bus guide

    If your group is having a bus our guide can also come with you to guide you outside of the city. 

    3 languages

    Our services can be provided in 3 languages : english, spanish and french. So just tell us in which language you want your Orléans city tour.

    Two examples of works with professionals 

    A city of the Orléans conurbation need a guide for a temporary photography exibit.

    A real estate agency need an Orléans guided tour for its comercial team.

    An Orléans city tour for a real estate agency

    Request:  provide an Orléans city tour centered on history, urbanism evolution and architecture to improve agency commercial team efficiency in its work.

    Customer provide documentation: No.

    Place constraint: Tour need to start from the agency.

    Preparation work:  Select, accordingly to the expressed needs, points of interest in the city center and within the short distance between the city center and the agency. Create a route.  

    Tour duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.

    Number of time guided tour will be played: one time. 

    Temporary photography exibit guided tour

    Request: create a tour about a temporary photography exibit of a famous humanist photographer organize by a city of the Orléans conurbation. Practically the tour consist in given a commentary about 25 black and white photographies. 

    Customer provide documentation: Yes, + contact with the artist. 

    Place constraint: Tour has to be played in the exibit venue. 

    Preparation work: difficult. Learn about the artist, about the documentation, about the exibit. create the tour. 

    Tour duration: One hour.

    Number of time guided tour will be played: Three times. 



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    Broaden Horizons Orléans Loire Valley

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    Broaden Horizons Orléans
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    Located at a little more than one hundred kilometers in the south of Paris, Orléans is easily accessible by intercity train (approx. one hour) from Paris-Austerlitz train station.

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    Your  licensed guide in Orléans is the holder of card n° CG 17-45-05, he is a member of FNGIC which is a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.