Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Tour
Painting History Crash Course

An amazing Orléans Museum of Fine Arts tour to follow the evolution of Painting Art from the end of the 15th century to the mid 19th century. A three hours challenge with your own licensed guide lecturer.

Photo of bookshelves full of references books to illustrate the synthesis of 400 years of pictural arts knowledge of our Orléans painting history challenge crash course.

Our crash course painting history tour challenge is a synthesis of 400 years of pictural art evolution. Credit Joshua Coleman Unsplash.

Painting History Crash Course in the Orléans  Museum of Fine Arts

99 € for 1 to 2 people + 12 € per extra person

  • English guided tour +/- 3 hours duration
  • Really private tour (your party only 6 people max.)
  • Postgraduate (MPhil) certified French national guide
  • Flexible time schedule 7/6 if available
  • Not on Monday (museum closed)
  • Online booking & payment

Tickets not included (6 € per person except for authorized exemptions).


What’s in the tour?

15th century onset

16th century Renaissance

17th century Classicism

17th century Baroque

18th century Enlightenment

18th century Rococo

18th & 19th centuries Neo-classicism

19th century new styles

The Tour Painters

Flemish Primitive and Renaissance:  Marinus van Reymerswaele, Gillis Mostaert et Jacob Grimmer, Otto de Veen etc, 

Italy Renaissance: Correggio, Orazio Samacchini etc.

Italy Baroque: annibale carracci, Guido Reni, Luca Giordano, Mattia Preti, Antonio de Bellis etc.

Spanish Naturalism : Velazquez.

Flemish Baroque : Van Dyck, Érasme Quellinus the Younger, Willeboirts Jan I & II Brueghel, Momper, Seghers, Flemal, Paul de Vos. etc.

Dutch Golden Age: Caspar Netscher, Van Ruysdael, van Hulsdonck, Van Vliet, Jacob van Loo, Salomon de Bray, Gerard de Lairesse etc.

France baroque & Classicism: Le Nain Brothers, Vignon, Blanchard, Coypel, De la Hyre, Bourdon, Champaign,Van Loo, Rigaud, Largillière, De Troy, Lubin Baugin etc.

France Rococo: Boucher, Fragonard, Jean II Restout, Vigée Le Brun, Robert, Nattier, Natoire, Chardin, De la Tour, Perronneau etc.

Neo-classicism: Pierre, Guérin, Vien, Greuze, Drouais, Gérard, Girodet Trioson etc.

Romantism: Cogniet, Michalon, Delacroix, Courbet, Ary scheffer, etc. 

A selection of carefully selected other masterpieces to better explain the historical context and artistic evolution of painting. 

Your Private Tour Guide in Orléans

Certified French national guide
BA, Magna Cum Laude, Heritage Developpement & Preservation from Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers
Postgraduate from Paris Dauphine-PSL University

Know more about Yves, your private tour guide in Paris

Why a Painting history Crash Course in Orléans?

Because The Orleans museum of fine art is big and little in the same time.

It is the best place to understand the evolution of French painting from the middle age (1350) to the pre-industrial era mid 19th century.


Organization of the Tour

The tour is organized based on two pillars.

  • Chronology
  • Historical & art context

The tour is designed to help you understand the evolution of painting during the 400 hundred years of reference. We show you famous masterpieces but also some less famous works when they are useful to clarify the context.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover 400 years of painting history in the amAsing Orléans Museum of Fine Arts!

Content of the Tour

15th centuries

  • Tempera and golden leaf
  • Wood versus coper versus Caneva
  • International Gothique
  • Old low countries & the Early Flemish
  • Italian Renaissance

16th century

  • Italian High Renaissance
  • French Renaissance
  • Flemish Romaniscm
  • Dutch and Flemish Portrait
  • Fontainebleau School

17th century

  • From Baroque to Classicism and Parisian Atticism.
  • History painting, Portrait, Genre painting, Landscape, Still life.
  • Apparat portrait
  • The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture
  • The French academie in Rome

18th century

  • The Enlightenment
  • Portrait evolution
  • Pastel portrait
  • Regency frivolity
  • Louis XV Rococo style
  • Neoclassical reaction
  • Women pionir painters

19th century

  • The Salons de Peinture
  • The Prix de Rome
  • Romanticism
  • Réalicism
  • Academicism
  • Historicism
  • Barbizon School.

Tour Booking Information

Meeting Point

In front of the museum ticket counter of the Orleans Museum of Fine Arts.

Access: Tram  line B, station Cathédrale.

Attention Points

  • Tour is on foot.
  • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks or any other extra services.
  • Tour duration and content are indicative. Visit may vary due to  contingencies.
  • Private tour  means a tour for you & your party only, not that the museum is privatized.

Book An Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Tour

Choose below your tour You will then be  asked : -> choose number of people, date & hour of visit -> after our validation-> pay on line.

NB : Ticket to the museum (*) are not included. You have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for the tour.

Choose below your tour

You will then be  asked : 

  • choose number of people, date & hour of visit
  • after our validation
  • pay on line

NB : Ticket to the museum (*) are not included. You have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for the tour.


Free on 1st Sunday of every month. Free for individuals under 18 years old and the Orléans-Tour education authority (school district) students. Full rate : 6 € – Reduced price : 3 €. The ticket is valid the entire day and gives right to entrance to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, Hôtel Cabu (Museum of History and Archeology), Maison de Jeanne d’Arc, the Centre Charles Péguy and the MOBE (Orléans Museum for Environment and biodiversity). The entry ticket to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts is not included in the price of the guided tour. You will have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for your Orléans Museum of fine Arts guided tour. 
The pricing policy of the Orléans Museums is given for information only (merely indicative) without warranty (tariff updated February 2022).

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