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Orléans, Loire Valley, France

Our ready made tour offer is not exactly what you are looking for? You have Specific need for a tour in Orléans Loire Valley France and around? Well we can adapte our offer for you. We can design a tour with you, a 2.5 hours one as an half day or a full day tour. Middle ages, Joan of Arc, Renaissance, Sainte-Croix Cathedral, WWII reconstruction, 16th to 20th century architecture, museums are the subject we usally work on but feel free to ask us to open new ones. A qualified licensed guide will quote your request if doable.

Possible Themes and Topic for an Orléans Custom-Made Tour

Here below is a selection of possible themes to build a custom made tour in Orléans. A lonely topic do not make a visite, so most of the time more of one theme is necessary to create a tour.   

Gothic or Renaissance

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons

Historical periods

  • Gallic and Gallo-Roman periods
  • Joan of Arc
  • The Renaissance


  • Sainte-Croix Cathedral
  • Saint-Donatien Church
  • Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier Church
  • Hôtel Groslot   
  • Campo Santo
  • Protestant temple (exterior)
  • Hôtel vielle intendance (exterior)
  • Salle des thèses (exterior)
  • Hôtel des créneaux (exterior)
  • Beffroi (exterior)
  • Collégiale Saint-Aignan (extérieur)

Themes by place of visit 

  • Bourgogne street (Decumanus) 
  • Canonical district
  • Saint-Aignan square

Other themes

  • Cellars and quarries
  • Loire banks, fauna and flora
  • Loire banks, ancien port
  • Canal d’Orléans
  • 18th century Sugar refineries 

Architectural themes

  • Middle Age stone houses
  • Half timbered houses
  • Renaissance
  • 17th century hôtels particuliers
  • Classical
  • Neoclassical 
  •  Art Nouveau
  •  Art Deco


  • Orléans Fine Arts Museum 
  • 16th & 17th at the Fine Arts Museum
  • 18th at the Fine Arts Museum
  • Neuvy en Sullias Bronze tresor  

Paris place des Vosges like 17th century mansions

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


Unique modern gothic cathedral

Orléans walking tour – copyright Broaden horizons


Joan of Arc

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons

Why a Licensed Tourist Guide (Guide-Conférencier)

A “guide-conférencier” is a qualified person who owns a professional card of “guide-conférencier” which is issued under the condition of the French code of tourism.

The card is delivrered to the holder of the professional Bachelor of “guide-conférencier” and to the holder of Master under certain conditions. Choosing such a guide to organize your tailor-made tour in Orléans is then a guarantee of quality.

Know Your Licensed Guide in Orléans

Your custom-made guided tour in Orléans will be designed and led by a state graduate certified guide (guide-conférencier), who also owns the VPAH Loire Valley region accreditation.

Furthermore, he graduated with honors in “Heritage Developpement and Preservation” from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers and is also postgraduated from the prestigious Paris-Dauphine University.

Last your guide regularly designs and conducts official guided tours for the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts and the Orléans Museum of Archéology and History.

How to Book a Custom-Made Tour in Orléans

For a custom-made guided tour in Orléans please fill the necessary form below and indicate the following in the message box:

  • The date or the period you want for your tour
  • The number of people who will follow the tour
  • The duration of the tour
  • The key theme/s of the tour
  • Your budget for this tour
  • All other elements than can impact the proceeding of the tour



Campo Santo

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


The Orléans museum of Fine Arts, a treat

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


Thimbered houses

Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


Orléans Walking tour – credit unplash



Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


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