Broaden Horizons Orléans Loire Valley

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    Broaden Horizons Orléans Loire Valley

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    Custom-Made Tour
    Orléans, Loire Valley, France

    Our ready made tour offer is not exactly what you are looking for? You have Specific need for a tour in Orléans Loire Valley France and around? Well we can adapte our offer for you. We can design a tour with you, a 2.5 hours one as an half day or a full day tour. Middle ages, Joan of Arc, Renaissance, Sainte-Croix Cathedral, WWII reconstruction, 16th to 20th century architecture, museums are the subject we usally work on but feel free to ask us to open new ones. A qualified licensed guide will quote your request if doable.

    Possible Themes and Topic for an Orléans Custom-Made Tour

    Here below is a selection of possible themes to build a custom made tour in Orléans. A lonely topic do not make a visite, so most of the time more of one theme is necessary to create a tour.   

    Gothic or Renaissance

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons

    Historical periods

    • Gallic and Gallo-Roman periods
    • Joan of Arc
    • The Renaissance


    • Sainte-Croix Cathedral
    • Saint-Donatien Church
    • Saint-Pierre-le-Puellier Church
    • Hôtel Groslot   
    • Campo Santo
    • Protestant temple (exterior)
    • Hôtel vielle intendance (exterior)
    • Salle des thèses (exterior)
    • Hôtel des créneaux (exterior)
    • Beffroi (exterior)
    • Collégiale Saint-Aignan (extérieur)

    Themes by place of visit 

    • Bourgogne street (Decumanus) 
    • Canonical district
    • Saint-Aignan square

    Other themes

    • Cellars and quarries
    • Loire banks, fauna and flora
    • Loire banks, ancien port
    • Canal d’Orléans
    • 18th century Sugar refineries 

    Architectural themes

    • Middle Age stone houses
    • Half timbered houses
    • Renaissance
    • 17th century hôtels particuliers
    • Classical
    • Neoclassical 
    •  Art Nouveau
    •  Art Deco


    • Orléans Fine Arts Museum 
    • 16th & 17th at the Fine Arts Museum
    • 18th at the Fine Arts Museum
    • Neuvy en Sullias Bronze tresor  

    Paris place des Vosges like 17th century mansions

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


    Unique modern gothic cathedral

    Orléans walking tour – copyright Broaden horizons


    Joan of Arc

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons

    Why a Licensed Tourist Guide (Guide-Conférencier)

    A « guide-conférencier » is a qualified person who owns a professional card of « guide-conférencier » which is issued under the condition of the French code of tourism.

    The card is delivrered to the holder of the professional Bachelor of « guide-conférencier » and to the holder of Master under certain conditions. Choosing such a guide to organize your tailor-made tour in Orléans is then a guarantee of quality.

    Know Your Licensed Guide in Orléans

    Your custom-made guided tour in Orléans will be designed and led by a state graduate certified guide (guide-conférencier), who also owns the VPAH Loire Valley region accreditation.

    Furthermore, he graduated with honors in « Heritage Developpement and Preservation » from the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers and is also postgraduated from the prestigious Paris-Dauphine University.

    Last your guide regularly designs and conducts official guided tours for the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts and the Orléans Museum of Archéology and History.

    How to Book a Custom-Made Tour in Orléans

    For a custom-made guided tour in Orléans please fill the necessary form below and indicate the following in the message box:

    • The date or the period you want for your tour
    • The number of people who will follow the tour
    • The duration of the tour
    • The key theme/s of the tour
    • Your budget for this tour
    • All other elements than can impact the proceeding of the tour


    • 130 € : two and a half hour (till 2 and a half hours)
    • 170 € : half a day ( till 4 hours) 
    • 250 € : day ( till 8 hours)

    This tariff is valid for little groups of maximum 6 personns and for the themes described on this web page. Outside of this frame prices can be higher but not systematicaly.


    Campo Santo

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


    The Orléans museum of Fine Arts, a treat

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


    Thimbered houses

    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons



    Orléans Walking tour – credit unplash



    Orléans Walking tour – Copyright Broaden horizons


    Custom Made Tour - Orléans Loire Valley

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    Orléans Guided Tour Services

    Reach Orléans

    Located at a little more than one hundred kilometers in the south of Paris, Orléans is easily accessible by intercity & regional trains (approx. one hour) from Paris-Austerlitz train station.

    Orléans guided tours : Logo of FNGIC French national federation of guide interpreters and speakers

    Your  licensed guide in Orléans is the holder of card n° CG 17-45-05, he is a member of FNGIC which is a member of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.