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    Orléans Cathedral Guided Tour
    with private Licensed Guide

    The Orléans cathedral is not like the other. Nearly totaly destroyed during the religious war, it has been rebuilt in the modern era in its orignal gothic style by decision of King Henri IV of France. Such a case can only be compare with the Cologne Cathedral. The Chevet’s chapels are the only remains of the original 13th century gothic basilica, even if some much older remains (to ancien Rome) have been found underground. Our cathedral visit is also an Orléans Walking Tour as we will show you the most relevant buildings all around including the famous salle des Thèses.   

    Photo of the Sainte-Croix facade to illustrate an Orléans Cathedral guided tour in the Loire Valley, France.

    Visit Orléans: Cathedral tour – The Orléans Cathedral Sainte-Croix. © Broaden horizons

    visit the Orleans cathedraL a Loire Valley landmark

    Our Orléans Cathedral Tour Essentials

    • Licensed guide
    • Guide also own VPAH Loire Valley Certification
    • Tour lasts around 1 hour 30 mins
    • A group of maximum 6 people exclusively yours

    Why an Orléans Cathedral guided tour ?

    The Orléans Cathedral is an exceptional structure like none other :

    After the Middle Age gothique edifice was nearly totally destroyed by the Huguenots (Protestants) during the religious war, king of France Henri IV decided to rebuild the cathedral in its original style and laid the first stone of the edifice with Marie de Médicis the 18 April  1601.

    His descendants continued to sustain the project tirelessly, and it was finally Charles X, the last of the Bourbon kings, who 228 years later inaugurated the édifice.

    It is, in France, an unique case of construction of gothic cathedral in the modern era. An excellent reazon to follow an Orléans Cathedral guided tour.

    Photo of a stained glass of the Cathedral Sainte-Croix depicting the king of France Henri IV to illustrate an Orléans Cathedral guided tour in the Loire Valley, France.

    Stained glass window by Louis Ottin workshop depicting King Henri IV of France visiting Orléans Cathedral ruines in 1598, 20 years after its destruction. This is following this visit that the king decided the cathedrale reconstruction initiated in 1601 © Broaden horizons

    Two more reazons to visit the Orléans Cathedral

    1. An edifice with a very ancien origine

    Despite the present edifice being built in the modern era, the Orléans Cathedral has an history which dates back to the Gallo-Roman period and to the prestigious Roman Cathedral which was held of few French kings’ coronation.
    Some remains of the first edifices still exists in the basement of the present cathedral, unluckily visit there is not possible.

    2. A strong relation between Joan of Arc and the Orléans Cathedral 

    First because Joan of Arc went in the Orléans Cathedral for a mass.
    Second because the Orléans Cathedral is rich of Joan of Arc iconography as for example the famous 10 stainglass windows  depicting  the epic of the heroine.

    Photo of a stained glass depicting Joan of arc live to illustrate a visit of Orléans Cathedral in the Loire Valley, France.

    Orléans walks : The enty of Joan of Arc in Orléans april 29 of 1429 : One of the 10 Sainte-Croix cathedral stained glass window by the master glass artist Jack Galland and the painter Esprit Gibelin depicting Joan of Arc live © Broaden horizons

    Content of the Orléans Cathedral guided tour

    This tour is not only a visit of the Orléans Cathedral, it is also an Orléans guided tour arround the monument. The tour is organized in 5 levels

    1. The exterior of the Cathedral

    On one hand we will study the chronological construction, for example how Louis XIV (the sun king) left his mark here, and on the other hand, we will speak about some interesting statues sculpted by famous artists such as Jean-Antoine Houdon , Augustin Pajou etc.

    2. The links between the Cathedral and its environment

    Joan of Arc street, the remains of the Canonial district and the ancient Gallo-Roman City wallBishop Palace , Campo Santo etc.

    3. Disapared monuments all around the Cathedral

    Hôtel Dieu, Saint-Michel and Saint Pierre-Lentin Churches, Saint-Anne and Saint-Lazare Chapels.

    4. Linked with the previous level a concise but dense architecture review

    • Middle Age stones house.
    • Flamboyant Gothic stone houses.
    • Half timbered houses.
    • Renaissance.
    • 17th / 18th Classic.
    • 19th century Neo-gothic and Neo-classic.

    5. The interior of the Cathedral

    Our guided tour will learn about the vast structure of the building with its double aisles. We will also speak of the furnishings and the interior décore widely influenced by the neogothic style and also about old masters painting hung on the cathedral walls.
    Last we will mentione the Joan of Arc iconography of the cathedral.

    If you are specially interested  in Joan of Arc we propose a Joan of Arc Orléans walking tour which includes a dedicated  halt in the cathedral.

    This tour is not only a visit of the Orléans Cathedral, it is also an Orléans guided tour arround the monument. The tour is organized in 5 levels

    Kow more about Orléans

    Orleans is before all a city of the Loire Valley strategically located in the northern point of the Royal River. This exceptional geographical situation is one of the reason for the importance of Orléans in French history.

    Nowadays Orléans is the capital city of the  «Région Centre-Val de Loire » (Loire Valley region), the core city of a 281 899 inhabitants urban area.

    Orléans has a dynamic economy and take advantage of its proximity to Paris which is easily reachable in one hour by intercity trains. 

    Orleans city is also involved in tourism with a city center which is part of the Loire Valley territory covered by the UNESCO accreditation. Orléans rich cultural heritage is also recognized by being listed as « villes d’art et d’histoire » (cities of art and history) the French heritage label.

    Photo of Sainte-Croix Sun king rose to illustrate an orleans Cathedral Guided Tour in  Loire Valley, France.

    Orléans Cathedral tour: The Orléans Cathedral Sainte-Croix Sun-King rose: King Louis XVI was also involved in the  rebuild of the cathedral  the original stain glass of the time is still there, it was build by a famous italian glass maker Bernardo Perrotto installed in Orléans in the 17th century © Broaden horizons

    More about your visit to the Orléans Cathedral

    The Sainte-Croix Cathedral (Orléans Cathedral) is the most famous monument in the city. Its high profile stands out against the skyline on the Loire bank which enables one to easily recognize the city of Orléans. The Sainte-Croix cathedral is conveniently located in the city center.


    A monumental architecture

    • Harmonic facade
    • Double aisle
    • Flying buttress
    • Narthex
    • Transept
    • Rayonnant gothic
    • Flamboyant gothic

    An impressive size

    • Length : 140 meters
    • Height of the towers : 88 meters
    • Height of the spire : 114 meters
    • Transept exterior width : 65 meters
    • Facade width : 53 meters

    This means that Orléans Sainte-Croix is 12 meters longer than Paris Notre-Dame, meanwill its towers exceed Paris by 19 meters and its spire by 18.

    By the way, did you know that the spire of Orléans Cathedral served as a model for the One of Paris Notre-Dame ?

    Visit to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts

    During your Orléans Cathedral guided tour, you will see that the original Gothic monument was destroyed during the mid 16th century and reconstructed from the beginning of the 17th century to the mid 19th century.

    If you are interested you should consider a visit to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts which cover the period in depth. This museum is a treat ! You should not miss it !

    Our Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour will help make the most of your visit of Orléans.

    Photo of half timbered houses to illustrate the Orleans Cathedrale tour in Loire Valley, France.

    The visit of the cathedral is also an Orléans walking tour as you will discover on the way some of the most relevant buidings around the cathedral: here some colorfull half timbered houses © Broaden horizons

    Tour Booking Information

    Know Your Licensed Guide in Orléans

    • State-graduate licensed guide lecturer.
    • Centre-Loire Valley Region accredidation (VPAH).
    • Bachelor with honors in Heritage Developpement & Preservation from Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers.
    • Postgraduate from Paris-Dauphine University.  

    Highlights of your Orléans Cathedral Guided Tour

    • Private tour.
    • A +/- 1.5 hour guided tour.
    • Get a glimpse of Orleans cathedral history.
    • Discover the Orleans cathedral district.
    • The opportunity to ask your dedicated guide any related questions.

    Meeting Point

    In front of the Hôtel Groslot,
    place de l’Etape, 45000 Orléans.

    Access: Tram line B, station Cathédrale.

    Attention Points

    • Tour is on foot.
    • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks or any other extra services.
    • This is a neighborhood and monument tour: The cathedral is the only monument in which we enter during the tour.
    • Tour duration & content are purely indicative, they may vary due to contingencies.
    • Weather: the tour will start on schedule rain or shine.

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      Photo of Sainte-Croix Cathedral from the north west  to illustrate the Orléans Cathedral Tour.

      Orléans Cathédral tour – The Orléans Cathedral Sainte-Croix. © Broaden horizons

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      Located at a little more than one hundred kilometers in the south of Paris, Orléans is easily accessible by intercity train (approx. one hour) from Paris-Austerlitz train station.

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