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Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour
With Private Guide Lecturer

The Orléans Museum of Fine Arts is famous for the size and the quality of its collection. For sure, it can’t be compared with the world-famous huge Parisian museums. In Orléans you will find an human-sized museum, where you won’t lose yourself in never-ending rooms and corridors. In Orléans you will be able to concentrate on the essential, masterpieces, and there are a lot: Italian Renaissance, Mannerism, Caravaggio influenced chiaroscuro, 17th-century Northern Schools, Baroque, Classical “Grand Siècle” French painting, 18th-century precious pastel portraits, Rococo, Neoclassism, 19th-century Romantism, Realism, Barbizon School, Pre-Impressionism or Paul Gauguin Cloisonnism to 20th contemporary works.
Our licensed guided lecturer at Broaden-horizons.fr is the one who usually design and lead most of the Official Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tours, then he knows the museum well! So if you want a knowledgeable private fine art guided tour in a non-crowded environment, here is a unique opportunity!

"Bacchus découvrant Ariane à Naxos" an Oil on canvas by the brothers Le Nain to illustrate a guided tour of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, Loire Valley, France.

Ariadne in Naxos, Le Nain brothers © Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, credit François Lauginie.

Essentials of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour

  1. English guided tour availlable in 3 durations 
  2. From 49 € for 1 to 2 people, 55 € for 3 etc.
  3. Tickets not included (6 € per personn)
  4. Flexible time schedule
  5. Really private tour
  6. A group of maximum 6 people exclusively yours
  7. Tour also possible for bigger groups
  8. M.Phil.-level local licensed guide lecturer
  9. Guide also owns VPAH Loire Valley certificate

Why an Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour?

The Orléans Museum of Fine Arts owns one of the richest collections in France outside of Paris and with no doubt the biggest of the Loire Valley covering a large period from the end of the Middle Ages to the 20st century. In which we can stand out :

French paintings from the 17th and 18th

With master pieces from: Le Nain Brothers, Vignon, Blanchard, Coypel, De la Hyre, BourdonBoucher, Fragonard, Jean II Restout, Vigée Le Brun, Robert, Pierre, Vien, Greuze, Nattier, Natoire, Van Loo, RigaudLargillière, De Troy, Drouais etc.

Italian painting

is well represented with works from the Renaissance with a masterpiece from Corregio, following by Mannerism works or an Annibale Carracci Catholic-Reformation example. The Orléans Museum also shows Caravaggio influenced Neapolitan paintings with Mattia Pretty or a master piece from Antonio de Bellis: a magnificent newly restored Saint Sebastian. A version of David and Goliath chiaroscuro work by Guido Reni is also presented.

Italian 18th is also shown with among others three magnificent Batoni.

The Northern European Schools (Germany, Flanders, Holland)

With Jan I & II Brueghel, Van Balen, Ruysdael, Momper… 

A famous Vélasquez 

This Spanish painting (photo on this page) is the most famous of the museum, there are only two Vélasquez visible in France.

More over, the museum also owns an important collection of statues by Pigalle, Triqueti, Rodin, Maillol, etc. 

So, as you can see a Orléans Museum of Fine Arts guided tour can definitively be useful to help you to make the most of your visit there !

6 More Reasons to Visit the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts

The 2nd collection of pastels in France after le Louvre

A rare gathering of this fragile works of the 18th century from Chardin, Perronneau, Quentin de la Tour. You will surprisingly discover that optical color mixing was used before 19th impressionism.

A rich Joan of Arc iconography

with works of Bourdelle, Boutet de Monvel, Etty, Scherrer, Scheffer, etc. 

The Château de Richelieu collection:

decor remains of the castle destroyed after the French Revolution.

Ancient Rome sculptures,

from the parc of the famous château de Richelieu.

The 19th century and romanticism collection,

particulary rich by the donation of painter Leon Cogniet studio. A lot of works of  Cogniet and his friends and relatives as Guérin, Michalon, Delacroix, etc. or works from the end of the century as by Courbet, Corot, Boudin, Gauguin , etc. with representative works of Realism, Barbizon School, Pre-Impressionism, Symbolism.

One of France biggest master prints & drawings collection 

The Orléans museum of fine Arts’s collections included more than 50000 old master prints and drawings. The Orléans collection is one of the biggest in France as the one of Besançon or Lille. 

Sample of the collection are shown in two prints rooms. As theses prints and drawings are very sensitive to the light, the presented works are changing on a three-month base. What you will see will then depend on the period of your visit.

Orléans museum owns prints or drawings by Andrea Mantegna, Titian, Parmigiano, Giorgio VasariLucas CranachAlbrecht Dürer, Pierre de Cortone, Jacob Jordaens, Georges LallemantNicolas Poussin, Pierre MignardJean Antoine Watteau, Jacques Louis DavidJean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Honoré Daumier etc.

Photo of an oil on canvas "Le Massacre des Innocents" by Léon Cogniet to illustrate the Guided Tour of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, Loire Valley, France.

Guided Tour Orléans. Study for the “Massacre des Innocents” by Léon Cogniet. © Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, credit François Lauginie.

Content of Your Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour

The content of your visit of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts will obviously depend on the duration you will choose for your tour:

Flash tour (1 hour)

Gives a general overview of the museum and shows you the main master pieces, but one hour is short for such a big museum.

Standard tour (1.5 hour)

Preferable if you are not in a hurry, and will cost you only 10 € extra for a more comfortable tour.

Extensive tour (2 hours)

For those who want time to go more in depth to some parts of the museum, like for example the famous Pastel Cabinet, Joan of Arc, the Château de Richelieu…

Know More About the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts was moved to a new building in 1984. Previously, its huge collections (more than 65000 works of arts with the reserves) were crammed in the Hôtel des Créneaux, a Renaissance mansion in the city. the collections are presented chronologically across 5 levels: 
• The 2nd floor with the 16th and 17th century collections 
• A 1st floor dedicated to the 17th and 18th centuries
• Two entresols with 19th century
• The basement dedicated to the 20th century

Oil painting on canvas by Velasquez to illustrate  an Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Guided Tour

Guided tour Orléans. Saint Thomas from Diego Velázquez © Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, no credit available.

Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Thematic Guided Tour

Thematic tour of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts is also possible on demand, so contact us (contact.orl.en@broaden-horizons.fr) if you are interested. Tours we can typically  organize are the next:

Chronological guided tours thematic set (1.5 hour tours)

  • The Châteaux de Richelieu and the Reign of Louis XIII.
  • The Northern European Schools (Flanders, Holland).
  • Italian Painting in the Museum of Orléans.
  • The reign of Louis XIV (Sun King).
  • The Regence of the Duke of Orléans and the Reign of Louis XV.
  • Louis XVI (American War of Independence, French Révolution).
  • French Revolution & First French Empire (Napoleon Bonaparte).
  • Church Paintings arrived in the museum after French Révolution.
  • 19th century from Neoclassical to Realism and Romantism.

Other possible thematic guided tours of the museum

  • Portraits.
  • Landscapes.
  • Mythology.
  • Neoclassism.
  • Flowers (from Jan Brueghel the Elder to the 18th century).
  • Joan of Arc in the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts.
  • 18th Fine Arts Pastels Cabinet Orléans Museum.
  • Orléans Museum of Fine Arts 1st floor (18th centuries).
  • Orléans Museum of Fine Arts 2nd floor (16th and 17th centuries).
Photo of an oil on canvas "L'Allégorie de L'Astronomie" by Laurent de la Hyre to illustrate the Guided Tour of the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, Loire Valley, France.

Guided tour Orléans. L’Allégorie de L’Astronomie by Laurent de La Hyre © Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, credit François Lauginie.

Discover Orléans Heritage With our City Walking Tours

If you are interested in arts and history, there is also a lot to discover about it in the Orléans old city center.

The city is indeed included in the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Loire Valley. Orléans rich cultural heritage is also recognized by being listed as “villes d’art et d’histoire” (cities of art and history). We have designed three Orléans city tours to ease people to discover Orléans heritage :

A generic Orléans walking tour which will give you a good overview of the city center: Renaissance mansions, half- timbered houses, etc.

Moreover our Orléans Cathedral Guided Tour is to show you the multiple aspects of this extraordinary Gothic monument built in the modern era.

Lastly, our Joan of Arc Walking Tour is in itself interesting for its historical aspect and for its artistic one.To know all about the Maid of Orléans!

Two new tours will be available for spring 2020 :

an Orléans Renaissance Guided Tour specially prepared in connection with the 500 anniversary of the birth of Catherine de Medicis and the death of Leonardo da Vinci;

and an Orléans River Loire Banks Walking Tour, a tour full of historical references which is also a pleasant stroll along the Loire River at Orleans. An excellent choice during the good weather seasons! 

Tour Booking Information

Know Your Licensed Guide in Orléans

  • State-graduate licensed guide lecturer.
  • Centre-Loire Valley Region accredidation (VPAH).
  • Bachelor with honors in Heritage Developpement & Preservation by Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers.
  • Postgraduate from Paris-Dauphine University.  

Highlights of Your Orléans Fine Arts Museum Tour

  • Private tour.
  • Choice between 1, 1.5 or 2 hours tour.
  • Get a glimpse of history of arts in an human-sized museum.
  • The opportunity to ask your dedicated guide any related questions
  • A guide who really knows the museum as he regularly designs and conducts official tours of the museum. 

Meeting Point

In front of the museum ticket counter of the Orleans Museum of Fine Arts.

Access: Tram line B, station Cathédrale.

Attention Points

  • Tour is on foot.
  • Prices do not include transportation, food, drinks or any other extra services.
  • Tour duration and content are indicative. Visit may vary due to  contingencies.
  • Private tour  means a tour for you & your party only, not that the museum is privatized.
  • Special notice: Except the 1800-1815 section, the 19th-century floor is close for renovation in 2019. But no doubt, the museum still deserve easily a two-hour tour. Withal, if your are a 19th-century enthusiastic we propose a Paris Orsay Museum Tour

Book An Orléans Museum of Fine Arts Tour

Choose below your tour You will then be  asked : -> choose number of people, date & hour of visit -> after our validation-> pay on line.

NB : Ticket to the museum (*) are not included. You have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for the tour.

Choose below your tour

You will then be  asked : 

  • choose number of people, date & hour of visit
  • after our validation
  • pay on line

NB : Ticket to the museum (*) are not included. You have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for the tour.


Free on 1st Sunday of every month. Free for individuals under 18 years old and the Orléans-Tour education authority (school district) students. Full rate : 6 € – Reduced price : 3 €. The ticket is valid the entire day and gives right to entrance to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts, Hôtel Cabu (Museum of History and Archeology), Maison de Jeanne d’Arc and the Centre Charles Péguy. The entry ticket to the Orléans Museum of Fine Arts is not included in the price of the guided tour. You will have to buy them at the museum entrance before the time scheduled for your Orléans Museum of fine Arts guided tour. 
The pricing policy of the Orléans Museums is given for information only (merely indicative) without warranty (tariff updated November 2018).

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